Aboriginal Culture

Experience the heart and soul of Australia

The Northern Territory is a cultural jigsaw of ancient Aboriginal custom dating back tens of thousands of years. A visit to the Northern Territory challenges visitors’ understanding of the world. Many of our national parks (including Kakadu, Uluru/Ayers Rock and Nitmiluk/Katherine Gorge) are owned and jointly run by their traditional people. Seek out the help of an Aboriginal guide to take you bushwalking and bush tucker tasting.  Become privy to the stories behind sacred sites and develop a new respect for the landscape.

The more aesthetically minded may choose to invest in local indigenous art. In some local galleries, you can even meet the artist and see them at work. Enjoy indigenous dance and music by one of the Northern Territory’s many modern and traditional performers. The Aboriginal people have traversed this land for over 40,000 years and their Dreamtime stories, dance and paintings will help you see Australia in a different light.

Aboriginal Activities

Aboriginal people enjoy introducing visitors to the daily aspects of their incredible culture. Various tours specialise in shedding light on indigenous day-to-day activities from bush-tucker to bush walks, dance and music to story telling.

Aboriginal Arts & Craft

The Northern Territory is a natural destination for anyone interested in Aboriginal arts and crafts. Indigenous artists choose to express themselves through a unique range of unusual media and styles.

Bush Tucker

Sample the original Australian cuisine that Jamie Oliver has yet to conquer! Lick a green ant’s back, boil up some bush berries or the less adventurous can try a ‘bush tucker muffin’ with their cappuccino. It’s all uniquely ‘pukka’ bush tucker.