Test yourself in one of Australia’s final frontiers.

The Northern Territory is adventure territory. Bushwalkers can pit themselves against the most rugged tracks on earth or stroll down well-worn paths with ease. Divers can explore World War II wrecks in Darwin Harbour while jetskiers enjoy skimming the surface. Climbers have a multitude of escarpments to clamber up while others grasp their magnitude from a helicopter.

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will find camping spots beyond their wildest dreams – by waterfalls and gorges, in desert parks and rainforests. For a completely different view of Ulur u (Ayers Rock), why not take to the skies in a hot air balloon or cross the desert like Burke and Wills on a camel? This is Australia’s adventure territory. Whatever your level of fitness or fearlessness … adventure is calling.


Experience the rugged scenery of Central Australia from a uniquely peaceful vantage point. Soar across the top of the caterpillar-like MacDonnell Ranges, mulga scrub, spinifex plains and cattle stations of Central Australia in a hot air balloon.


Make the most of the Northern Territory’s great-outdoors by camping out. Pitch your tent by a billabong, beneath a mango tree, next to a waterfall or behind a
desert dune. Stoke up the fire, boil the billy and breathe in the fresh air.


Row, row, row your boat gently down rivers, lakes and streams. Canoeing gets you close to the water and lets you explore nooks and crannies cruisers cannot. It’s also a fantastic and fun form of exercise. Put your back into it and reap the rewards.