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If you’re serious about your fishing, then it’s time you thought seriously about a visit to the Northern Territory.

Our beautiful inland billabongs, big tidal rivers, mangrove-lined estuaries and pristine coastal waters are home to some of the hottest tropical sportfishing action available anywhere.

Whether you want to tow your own boat to the Top End for some do-it-yourself fishing, take a fully-guided fishing safari, spend some time at one of our remote fishing lodges or charter a five-star luxury mothership, you will find what you need in the Territory.

Remember the old saying: “Fishing isn’t a matter of life or death — it’s much more serious than that!” Well, take a fishing visit to the Territory and you’ll find out just what that means.

Driving the Territory

Something’s inviting you on an adventure you’ll never never forget.

A driving holiday in the Northern Territory gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore some of the world’s most magnificent scenery at your own pace.

The Territory has some of the best-kept roads in Australia and the drives take in a range of its most famous landmarks and hidden treasures. Whichever route you choose, you’re guaranteed an adventure you’ll never never forget.

Be sure to order your free ‘Exploring the Territory’ guide for a complete overview of the Northern Territory from the Centre to the Top End.

Nature’s Way

Discover the untamed beauty of the Top End as you drive through lush wetlands and World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park – wilderness and wildlife like no other.

Savannah Way

Explore the wildest regions of the Top End on the adventure route that links Broome to Cairns, passing character-filled outback towns and cattle stations in the Northern Territory on the way.

Explorer’s Way

Traverse the continent on this journey of a lifetime through the middle of Australia. From the tropical north to the desert heart, this drive lets you see and do it all.

Pioneer’s Path

Cruise through the nation’s Red Centre and experience its multitude of natural and cultural wonders first hand. Marvel at the world’s largest monolith and the depths of Kings Canyon.

MacDonnell Ranges Loop

Get off the beaten track to uncover the remote gems of the West and East MacDonnell Ranges. 4×4 fanatics will relish the chance to go off road to find the region’s best-kept secrets.


Welcome to one of  nature’s wildest places

The Northern Territory is one of the most sparsely settled environments on the planet – one of the last places on earth where ancient woodlands meet untouched beaches and even older desert dunes support bizarre rock formations and strange arid flora and fauna. The Northern Territory is, put simply, paradise for true lovers of nature.

The Top End’s monsoonal climate ensures rich wetlands remain a unique breeding ground for crocodiles and a multitude of waterbird species. Travellers flock to World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park for a taste of this natural splendour. In Central Australia visitors experience a completely different type of wildness; the endless serenity of the Outback, the magic of natural landmarks like Uluru and unique desert characters like the thorny devil and the western quoll. These amazing habitats are rare and precious and they exist side by side in the Northern Territory.


Twitchers flock to enjoy the sight and sound of some of Australia’s most unusual and beautiful birds. Our wetlands are a unique environment for migratory species including brolgas, jabiru, jacarnas, bee-eaters and rare species like the hooded parrot.


Whether you’re seeking a pleasant stroll or a challenging hike, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect terrain to suit. Scramble up rocks to find magnificent waterholes with a view or wander through a local reserve with your eyes peeled for wildlife.


We boast some of the most unusual flora in the world- salmon gums, cabbage palms and wetlands covered in lotus lilies. Darwin’s frangipani scented air is legendary and after the rains is the best time to spot colourful wildflowers in the Top End.

National Parks

From World Heritage listed Kakadu National park to the lesser known but no less wondrous Finke Gorge, Gregory and Keep national parks, the Northern Territory is home to some of the most important protected environments on earth.


Make the most of the Northern Territory’s great-outdoors by camping out. Pitch your tent by a billabong, beneath a mango tree, next to a waterfall or behind a
desert dune. Stoke up the fire, boil the billy and breathe in the fresh air.


Some extraordinary wildlife reside in the Northern Territory. The saltwater crocodile, wallabies, kangaroos, flying foxes, goannas and lizards, thorny devils and desert quolls are just some of the fantastic fauna that call the Territory home.

Unique Experiences

Do something completely different

Unique experiences aren’t hard to come by in the Northern Territory.Where else can you sample bush tucker, fossick for gems or spot UFO’s all in the same day?A holiday in the Northern Territory is full of opportunities to do something special, to have an experience that’s unrepeatable, to create memories that last a lifetime.

Experience life on one of the Northern Territory’s mind-boggling cattle stations; learn how to brand a steer or brandish a stock whip.Attend a rodeo or race meeting in a remote outback town and mingle with true Aussie characters born and bred in spectacular isolation.Try your luck fossicking for semi-precious jewels such as garnets or zircons in the rarely visited East MacDonnell Ranges.Drop in for a beer at Wycliffe Well and scan the night sky for UFO’s. The area’s sweeping horizon is famous for strange sightings.It’s all out there waiting in the Northern Territory- seek out new experiences and be surprised.


Imagine the thrill of finding your own gem or stumbling over a nugget of gold. How about wearing a piece of jewellery set with a semi-precious rock you’ve pulled from the earth yourself? Try your luck on one of the Northern Territory’s remote gemfields.


The outback’s most colourful characters come to life when you meet the men and women who try to tame it. You haven’t experienced the Northern Territory until you’ve spent a night on one of its mind-boggling stations.


They say the Northern Territory is close to heaven and there’s no doubt stars shine brighter in a desert sky. But what about UFO sightings and meteors crashing to earth on a regular basis? The truth is out there.

Sport and Gaming

Play hard like a Territorian or just relax and have fun

Whether you’re in it to win it or prefer just to watch it, the Northern Territory is sporting territory. Glorious local weather during the southern winter makes it a natural destination for players and spectators of all sports from April to October.

In fact the locals enjoy playing and supporting all codes of football; AFL, NRL, rugby union and soccer.  They’re just as nuts about golf, tennis, hockey and netball. Boating, sailing and windsurfing are natural ways to enjoy Darwin’s delightful harbour while those who prefer something faster can jump on a jet ski or hire a pair of water skis. Whether you’re a dedicated competitor or professional spectator, be prepared to indulge your sporting passion in the Northern Territory.


If you’re serious about your fishing, then it’s time you thought seriously about a visit to the Northern Territory. Our beautiful waters are home to some of the hottest tropical sportfishing action available anywhere.


Whether you tee off on a putt-putt course or one of the world’s best desert course in Alice Springs, a round of golf is a fantastic way to enjoy the Northern Territory’s incredible outdoor scenery.


Those feeling lucky should follow the sparkling palm trees to Darwin’s Sky City Casino or if in Alice Springs, relax in the elegant comfort of Lasseters. Others can head to the track for a day at the races they’ll never never forget.


Head to one of the Top End’s lakes or dams or out on Darwin Harbour to be pulled around by a motorboat at electrifying speeds. Waterskiing is a fast and furious way for adrenalin junkies to get acquainted with our famous waterways.


Test yourself in one of Australia’s final frontiers.

The Northern Territory is adventure territory. Bushwalkers can pit themselves against the most rugged tracks on earth or stroll down well-worn paths with ease. Divers can explore World War II wrecks in Darwin Harbour while jetskiers enjoy skimming the surface. Climbers have a multitude of escarpments to clamber up while others grasp their magnitude from a helicopter.

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers will find camping spots beyond their wildest dreams – by waterfalls and gorges, in desert parks and rainforests. For a completely different view of Ulur u (Ayers Rock), why not take to the skies in a hot air balloon or cross the desert like Burke and Wills on a camel? This is Australia’s adventure territory. Whatever your level of fitness or fearlessness … adventure is calling.


Experience the rugged scenery of Central Australia from a uniquely peaceful vantage point. Soar across the top of the caterpillar-like MacDonnell Ranges, mulga scrub, spinifex plains and cattle stations of Central Australia in a hot air balloon.


Make the most of the Northern Territory’s great-outdoors by camping out. Pitch your tent by a billabong, beneath a mango tree, next to a waterfall or behind a
desert dune. Stoke up the fire, boil the billy and breathe in the fresh air.


Row, row, row your boat gently down rivers, lakes and streams. Canoeing gets you close to the water and lets you explore nooks and crannies cruisers cannot. It’s also a fantastic and fun form of exercise. Put your back into it and reap the rewards.


Aboriginal Culture

Experience the heart and soul of Australia

The Northern Territory is a cultural jigsaw of ancient Aboriginal custom dating back tens of thousands of years. A visit to the Northern Territory challenges visitors’ understanding of the world. Many of our national parks (including Kakadu, Uluru/Ayers Rock and Nitmiluk/Katherine Gorge) are owned and jointly run by their traditional people. Seek out the help of an Aboriginal guide to take you bushwalking and bush tucker tasting.  Become privy to the stories behind sacred sites and develop a new respect for the landscape.

The more aesthetically minded may choose to invest in local indigenous art. In some local galleries, you can even meet the artist and see them at work. Enjoy indigenous dance and music by one of the Northern Territory’s many modern and traditional performers. The Aboriginal people have traversed this land for over 40,000 years and their Dreamtime stories, dance and paintings will help you see Australia in a different light.

Aboriginal Activities

Aboriginal people enjoy introducing visitors to the daily aspects of their incredible culture. Various tours specialise in shedding light on indigenous day-to-day activities from bush-tucker to bush walks, dance and music to story telling.

Aboriginal Arts & Craft

The Northern Territory is a natural destination for anyone interested in Aboriginal arts and crafts. Indigenous artists choose to express themselves through a unique range of unusual media and styles.

Bush Tucker

Sample the original Australian cuisine that Jamie Oliver has yet to conquer! Lick a green ant’s back, boil up some bush berries or the less adventurous can try a ‘bush tucker muffin’ with their cappuccino. It’s all uniquely ‘pukka’ bush tucker.