Experiences you’ll never, never forget

A holiday in the Northern Territory is a chance to experience all that is unique about Australia. Immerse yourself in a land of extremes and come away enriched by what you see and learn. Camp beneath a blanket of stars in the desert, sail between lilies and lotus leaves on flooding billabongs or fish for barramundi, spotting crocodiles from the safety of your boat.

Meet Aboriginal communities in their traditional environments and learn more about one of the oldest surviving cultures on the planet. Live in luxury or out of your backpack. Shop for local produce at weekend markets or relax in a deckchair while you watch a film outside. Challenge your physical and mental strength in the Territory’s wild expanses. Canoe down gorges, scale escarpments, scuba dive on WWII wrecks or try a five-day bushwalk. Whatever your taste, a world of new experiences awaits in the Northern Territory.

Driving the Territory


Unique Experiences

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Aboriginal Culture