Explorer’s Way

A journey along Explorer’s Way is an adventure into Australia’s outback that takes you through a modern nation to the heart of an ancient land. Explorer’s Way follows the route of John McDouall Stuart, a famous Australian explorer who was the first to traverse the continent in 1862.

Connecting Australia’s north and south, this drive links many of Australia’s best-known icons and gives you the opportunity to discover the lesser known natural and cultural wonders of the Territory. On this trip of contrasts, you’ll pass the rich farmlands of the south and drive through arid cattle grazing lands and ancient mountain ranges to the magnificent wetlands of the northern tropics.

This is a journey of a lifetime, a story you can share with your friends and family, an experience that will never, never leave you.

Getting There

Explorer’s Way follows the Stuart Highway, and is joined by the Barkly Highway from Queensland and the Victoria Highway from Western Australia.