Unique Experiences

Do something completely different

Unique experiences aren’t hard to come by in the Northern Territory.Where else can you sample bush tucker, fossick for gems or spot UFO’s all in the same day?A holiday in the Northern Territory is full of opportunities to do something special, to have an experience that’s unrepeatable, to create memories that last a lifetime.

Experience life on one of the Northern Territory’s mind-boggling cattle stations; learn how to brand a steer or brandish a stock whip.Attend a rodeo or race meeting in a remote outback town and mingle with true Aussie characters born and bred in spectacular isolation.Try your luck fossicking for semi-precious jewels such as garnets or zircons in the rarely visited East MacDonnell Ranges.Drop in for a beer at Wycliffe Well and scan the night sky for UFO’s. The area’s sweeping horizon is famous for strange sightings.It’s all out there waiting in the Northern Territory- seek out new experiences and be surprised.


Imagine the thrill of finding your own gem or stumbling over a nugget of gold. How about wearing a piece of jewellery set with a semi-precious rock you’ve pulled from the earth yourself? Try your luck on one of the Northern Territory’s remote gemfields.


The outback’s most colourful characters come to life when you meet the men and women who try to tame it. You haven’t experienced the Northern Territory until you’ve spent a night on one of its mind-boggling stations.


They say the Northern Territory is close to heaven and there’s no doubt stars shine brighter in a desert sky. But what about UFO sightings and meteors crashing to earth on a regular basis? The truth is out there.