Welcome to one of  nature’s wildest places

The Northern Territory is one of the most sparsely settled environments on the planet – one of the last places on earth where ancient woodlands meet untouched beaches and even older desert dunes support bizarre rock formations and strange arid flora and fauna. The Northern Territory is, put simply, paradise for true lovers of nature.

The Top End’s monsoonal climate ensures rich wetlands remain a unique breeding ground for crocodiles and a multitude of waterbird species. Travellers flock to World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park for a taste of this natural splendour. In Central Australia visitors experience a completely different type of wildness; the endless serenity of the Outback, the magic of natural landmarks like Uluru and unique desert characters like the thorny devil and the western quoll. These amazing habitats are rare and precious and they exist side by side in the Northern Territory.


Twitchers flock to enjoy the sight and sound of some of Australia’s most unusual and beautiful birds. Our wetlands are a unique environment for migratory species including brolgas, jabiru, jacarnas, bee-eaters and rare species like the hooded parrot.


Whether you’re seeking a pleasant stroll or a challenging hike, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect terrain to suit. Scramble up rocks to find magnificent waterholes with a view or wander through a local reserve with your eyes peeled for wildlife.


We boast some of the most unusual flora in the world- salmon gums, cabbage palms and wetlands covered in lotus lilies. Darwin’s frangipani scented air is legendary and after the rains is the best time to spot colourful wildflowers in the Top End.

National Parks

From World Heritage listed Kakadu National park to the lesser known but no less wondrous Finke Gorge, Gregory and Keep national parks, the Northern Territory is home to some of the most important protected environments on earth.


Make the most of the Northern Territory’s great-outdoors by camping out. Pitch your tent by a billabong, beneath a mango tree, next to a waterfall or behind a
desert dune. Stoke up the fire, boil the billy and breathe in the fresh air.


Some extraordinary wildlife reside in the Northern Territory. The saltwater crocodile, wallabies, kangaroos, flying foxes, goannas and lizards, thorny devils and desert quolls are just some of the fantastic fauna that call the Territory home.